06 April 2011

Group shot

Writing the past two weeks or so has become increasingly difficult.  For some reason, even though there are words and thoughts which I could form into a post, I am less and less inclined to make the effort. 

I think at least in part the reason for my inertia has to do with the outside work Tal and I have been doing.  In itself limbing the pine grove and clearing away underbrush is not more than I can do.  But that, combined with the house and meals and dealing with bills and incoming mail, does add up to a certain amount of physical weariness.  Plus, my practice had become to stay up late to write.  That could only go on for so long.

We've been away.  It was a special time I don't want to let slide past without note.  And, it was a time of wonderful focus beyond the normal everyday.  My mother celebrated a major birthday last week and the weekend saw a gathering of family at Pawleys Island all dedicated to honoring her.  My three siblings, three of our four spouses, Mom's brother and sister-in-law and Mom went meal-to-meal from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast.  Food is a basic way we humans express our love for each other isn't it?

This photograph was taken at Brookgreen Gardens at mid-day on Saturday
(a week ago tomorrow) --the ten of us at a bench placed in a lovely spot
overlooking the Dogwood Pond in memory of Dad.
I look at this photograph and see, in a manner of speaking, my whole life, people I know the best and have known the longest.  Relationship tried and true.  That short of anchor on a life make the ebbs and flows less troubling -- the writing to the not writing, even.  It'll all be OK.

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