07 November 2009

Nary a beep nor a flash

Tal and I were up this morning long before light to be ready for the arrival of Bruce, his son, for their every-other-Saturday early morning fishing trip. So organized was I that Bruce walked in to find fresh coffee brewing and muffins being extracted from the oven. Despite its being the coldest day so far of the autumn, they were on their way to Satcher Pond by 7:30, leaving me plenty of time to clean up the kitchen, start the laundry, shower, and organize my tote bag with all the things I need for a day of keeping the gallery in Ridge Spring.

Shortly after 9:00 when I went to car, so much wanting to have the gallery open in advance of 10:00, I was met with nary a beep nor a flash. The lights didn't come on with the driver door standing open. The key in the ignition caused no beeping or chiming. Turning the key in the ignition resulted in absolutely nothing. Nothing. How could a battery that worked yesterday not even make a noise this morning?

A telephone call to another AARS member got the gallery opened on time. But, all I could do was wait for Tal and Bruce to return home. Luckily, the battery powering the trolling motor died and they arrived home before 9:30 -- with 20 fish in the fresh well to show for their abbreviated trip. But, the extra car battery we keep here for emergency wouldn't take a charge. So, Tal set out for our local NAPA -- which didn't have a battery compatible with the Sable. Knowing that the service department at the Ford dealership is closed on Saturday, Tal went there anyway, for advice if nothing else. The dealership manager, who was there alone running the showroom for the morning, found a battery and, since he didn't have the paperwork to process the purchase, simply told Tal to have me come in on Monday to pay for it. There are moments when living in a small town makes me shake my head. And smile in wonderment.

As I left for the gallery less than an hour and a half late, Bruce headed toward home -- and the recycling center between here and there -- with three dead batteries to drop off.

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